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Battery Rating: 14.6V
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh (75Wh)
Battery Cells: 8-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
07G016DH1875, 07G016HH1875, 07G016HH1875-EOL, 70-NY81B1000Z, 90-NY81B1000Y, A42-G53, A42-G73, G73-52
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus G73SW Series, G53JW-SZ105V, G53SW-XA2, G53SX-XA, G73JH-RBBX05, G73JH-TZ014V, G73JW-3DE, G73JW-TZ145V, G73SW-91024V, G73SW-TZ023V, Lamborghini VX7, G53SW Series, G53JW-IX160V, G53SV, G53SX-IX122V, G73JH-A2, G73JH-TY075V, G73JH-TZ218V, G73JW-TZ039V, G73JW-XR1, G73SW-A1, G73SW-TZ146V, G53SW-SZ114V, G73JH, G53JH, G53JW-SZ161V, G53SW-XR1, G53SX-XN1, G73JH-RCNX09, G73JH-TZ059V, G73JW-91093V, G73JW-TZ181V, G73SW-91069Z, G73SW-TZ054V, Lamborghini VX7-A1, G73GW Series, G53JW-MA1, G53SW-A1, G53SX-RH71, G73JH-ATI, G73JH-TZ002V, G73JH-X1, G73JW-TZ040V, G73JX, G73SW-BST6, G73SW-TZ202V, G73JW- TZ154V, G73SW, G53JW, G53JW-XN1, G53SX, G53SX-XT1, G73JH-ROG, G73JH-TZ128V, G73JW-91116V, G73JW-WS1B, G73SW-91074V, G73SW-TZ083V, Lamborghini VX7SX, G73JH Series, G53JW-SX145V, G53SW-IX089V, G53SX-SX017V, G73JH-B1, G73JH-TZ008Z, G73JH-X3, G73JW-TZ087V, G73S, G73SW-L1, G73SW-XA1, G73JW-TZ059V, G53J Series, G53JW-3DE, G53JW-XT1, G53SX-A1, G73GW, G73JH-TY009V, G73JH-TZ172V, G73JW-91137V, G73JW-XA1, G73SW-91105V, G73SW-TZ096V, Lamborghini VX7SX-DH71, G73S Series, G53JW-SZ098V, G53SW-XA1, G53SX-TH71, G73JH-DX11, G73JH-TZ012V, G73JQ, G73JW-TZ113V, G73SW-3DE, G73SW-TZ016V, G73SX, G53S Series, G53JW-IX159V, G53S, G53SX-DH71, G73JH-A1, G73JH-TY048V, G73JH-TZ207V, G73JW-TY098V, G73JW-XN1, G73SW-91210V, G73SW-TZ121V, Lamborghini VX7XI263-BL, G73 Series, G53J, G53JW-SZ144V, G53SW-XN1, G53SX-XA1, G73JH-RBBX09, G73JH-TZ034V, G73JW-91037V, G73JW-TZ152V, G73SW-91059V, G73SW-TZ052V, Lamborghini VX7-3DE, G73G Series, G53JW-IX162V, G53SW, G53SX-NH71, G73JH-A3, G73JH-TY098V, G73JH-TZ224V, G73JW-TZ039Z, G73JW-XT1, G73SW-A2, G73SW-TZ200V, G73JH-166V, G73JW, G53JQ, G53JW-XA1, G53SW-XT1, G53SX-XR1, G73JH-RE1, G73JH-TZ091V, G73JW-91094V, G73JW-TZ227V, G73SW-91073V, G73SW-TZ060V, Lamborghini VX7S, G73J Series, G53JW-QHDA1-CBIL, G53SW-BST6, G53SX-S1185V, G73JH-ATI 5870, G73JH-TZ008X, G73JH-X2, G73JW-TZ061V, G73JX-TZ037V, G73SW-BST8, G73SW-TZ221V, G73J-X3, G53 Series, G53JW-3D, G53JW-XR1, G53SX 3D, G73G, G73JH-TX008V, G73JH-TZ155V, G73JW-91121V, G73JW-X3C, G73SW-91084V, G73SW-TZ094V, Lamborghini VX7SX-A1, G73JW Series, G53JW-SX278V, G53SW-IX097Z, G53SX-SZ019V, G73JH-BST7, G73JH-TZ011V, G73JH-X5, G73JW-TZ105V, G73SV, G73SW-TY027V, G73SW-XT1, G53JW Series, G53JW-A1, G53JX, G53SX-AH71, G73J, G73JH-TY042V, G73JH-TZ173V, G73JW-A1, G73JW-XB1, G73SW-91136Z, G73SW-TZ120Z, Lamborghini VX7SX-S1089V

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