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Price in reward points: 348000
Input: 100-240V~,50-60HZ 1.5A
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 3.16A
Adapter Power: 60W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5x3.0mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :220g
Dimension( Main Body ) :108.70 x 47.90 x 30.50mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected.
Compatible AC Adapters:
PA-1900-08,PA-1900-08S,PSCV600/04A,R510,R710,SADP-90FH B,SADP-90FH D,SAM-SPA-X10,SPA-690E/E,SPA-690E/UK,
Compatible Laptop Models:
SAMSUNG: R20-F003, Q35 XIH 2300, NP-RV411, P30-PD4, X10 1600, Q30 LXC 1100, NT-R50/W170, NC20-21GBK, R55-CV07, X20 XVM 1730 V, R20-F004, Q35 XIP 2300, NP-Q45AV08/SEG, P30-PRC002, X10 PLUS, Q30 RUBIN 1100, NT-R50/W200, R463, R55-CV08, X20 XVM 730, R20-F005, Q35-T2250 CERON, X360, NP305E5A, P35 XVM 1600 II, X10 PLUS XTC 1500, Q30 SILVER 1100, NT-R50/W201, NP-R463, R55-CV09, X20 XVM 740, R20-FY01, Q35-T2300 CADERU, X460, NP350E7C, P35 XVM 1600 III, X10 PLUS XTC 1600, Q30-SSB, NT-R55/W181, NC210-A02NZ, R55-T2300 CALATESO, X20-1730 CALLIA, R20-FY02, Q35-T2300 COTEZAA, NP-X360, NP740U3E-K01UB, P35-000, X10 PLUS XTC 1800, Q30TWM 753, NT-R55/W182, NC20-KA01US, R55-T2300 CHEDSUMA, X20-1730 CALLIA II, R20-FY03, Q35-T5500 CALVIN, NP-X460, 00359-OEM-8992687-00015, P35-58U, X10 PLUS XTC 745, Q30TWM733, R50 WEH 750, R465, R55-T2400 CARASEJ, X20-1860 BALIN, R20-FY04, Q35-T5500 RUBY, P30 XTC 1400, RV520, P35-5R2, X10 PLUS XTM 1600 II, Q40 PRO U1400 SILVER, R50 WVM 1730, NP-R465, R55-T5200 CYRUS, X20-1860 CEBEUR, R20-X002, Q45 AURA T5450 DANYAL, P30 XTM 1700, NT450R5E-K3CR, X10 PLUS XTM 1700, Q40 XIP 1400, R50 WVM 1730 II, NC210-A03AU, R55-T5200 MAORI, X20-2130 BASH, R20-X003, Q45 AURA T7100 DUKE, P30 XVC 1400, M55-T001, X10 PLUS XTM 2000, M55-T003, R50 WVM 1730 III, R45, NC215-A02AU, R55-T5200 PALMER, X25 HVM 750, R20-X004, Q45 WEV 7100, P30 XVM 1500, M55-T000, X10 PLUS-25P, M70 PRO 2130 BEMUS, R50 WVM 1860, R439. NP-R439, R55-T5200 PIPER, X25, X25 XVM 2130, R20-XY01, Q45-AURA T7100 DAMALI, P35 XVM 1500, M55-PRO T7200 BOOKER, X10 PLUS-85RH, M70 PRO, R50 XEH 743, NC110-A01US, R55-T5500 CEMRO, X50 HWM 740, R20PLUS, X06, Q45-AURA T7100 DERORA, P35 XVM 1600, M55-PRO T2500 BREETOO, X10 PLUS-BAX, M70-1860 CAILAN, R50 XEH 745, NC110-A06NZ/AU, R55-T5500 MANTIS, X50 HWM 760, R25-A001, Q45-AURA T7250 DALIA, P35 XVM 1800, M55 XEP 2500, P35-GOC, X10 PLUS-JSK, M70-1860 CREE, R50 XIH 741, QX410, R55-T5500 MONCIS, X50 WVM 1730, R25-A002, Q45-AURA T7250 DEVESH, Q30 Rubin 1200, M55 WEC 7200, P35-PRC000, X10 PLUS-TR2, M70-T001, Q30, R50-1800 COUYEE, NP-QX410, M40 PLUS HWM 745, X50 WVM 2130, R25-A004, Q45-AURA T8300 DARDONO, Q30 Silver 1200, M50-T000, X05 PRC001, X10 PLUS-V04, NP-M50T002/SAU, R50-2000 CONG, R405, M40 PLUS, X50 XEP 760, R25-F001, Q45-AURA T9300 DEVIT, X20 XVM 1600, M50-2130 BAAKO, X05 XTC 1400, X10 PLUS-V05, NP-M55T000/SAU, R50-CV06, NP-R405, M40 PLUS WVM 1600, X50 XVM 1600, R25-F002, Q70 AURA T7300 DEVON, X25 XVM 1600, M50-2130, X05 XTC 1400 II, X10 PLUS-V06, NP-M55T000/SHK, R50-KV01, NP-X06, M40 PLUS WVM 2000, X50 XWM 740, R25-F003, Q70 AURA T7500 DAARGON, X25 XVM 2000, M50-1860 CALLUM, X05 XTC 1400C, X10 PLUS-V07, NP-R50CV02/SAU, Q45, R55 AURA T5300 CAVAN, DP700A7K-K01US, SX15-C16B, X50 XWM 750, R25-FE01, NP350U5C-901CA, X50 WVM 1600, M50-1860, X05 XTC 1500, X10 PLUS-WR5, NP-R50CV04/SHK, R55 AURA T5500 CAZZA, DP700A7K-K02US, X20 HVM 740, NP-X1-1200, R25-FE02, NT700Z3A-PS7, NP350U5C-901, X50 WVM 2000, M50-1730 CADEE, X05 XTD 1300, X10 XTC 1300, NP-R50TV02/SAU, R55 AURA T5500 CLAYTON, N310-13GBK, X20 LVC 730, NP-X1-C003/SHK, R25-FE03, NT300E5AI, RC420, M50-1730, X05 XTM 1500, X10 XTC 1300 II, NP-R55C001/SAU, R55 XEC 5500, N310-KA05, X20 LVC 740, NP-X11, R25PLUS, NP-R45, NP370R5E_S01CA, M50-000, X05 XTM 1600, X10 XTC 1400, NP-R55C002/SAU, R55 XEH 2300, NC10B, X20 WIP 740, NT-X1, X11-T2300 CARL, NT900T1A NIKE X50, M50 XEP 770, X05-000, X10 XTC 1500, NP-R55C002/SHK, R55-AURA T5200 PALMER, NC110, X20 WIP 741, NT-X1-C120, X11-T2300 CULESA, NP-X50 Q1, M50 XEH 740, X05-001, X10 XTC 1500 II, NP-R55CV01/SHK, R55-AURA T5200 PIPER, LENNON NP305V4A SERIES 3, X20 XEP 750, R20 AURA T2350 DECLAN, X11-T5500 CESEBA, NP-Q1, P30-004, X05-0VU, X10 XTC 1500 III, NP-R55CV02/SHK, R55-AURA-SERIE, RV409, X20 XVM 1600 II, R20 AURA T7200 DEVA, X11C-T5600 CALEST, X22, P30-A9Y, X05-402, X10 XTC 1500 IV, NP-R55T000/SAU, R55-AV01, NP-RV409, X20 XVM 1600 III, R20 XIV 5500, X11C-T7200 CARLIN, NP-X22, P30-BY6, X05-FU2, X10 XTC 1600, NP-R55T001/SAU, QX412, R55-AV03, RV410, X20 XVM 1600 IV, R20 XIV 5510, X11WIP5500, NP-X460I, NC10-11GP, P30-CA6, X05-GKO, X10 XTC 1600 II, NP-R55TV01/SHK, NP-QX412, R55-C001, NP-RV410, X20 XVM 1600 V, R20-A000, X11XEC5500, X25 NP-X25 X330 NP-X330 X420 NP-X420, P30-FT8, X05-L10, X10 XTC 1700, NT-M50/W200, R410, R55-C002, NP450R5E, X20 XVM 1700, R20-F000, Q35 PRO, RC410, P30-G98, X05-W06, X10 XTC 745, NT-M55/W201, NP-R410, R55-CV02, NP450R4J, X20 XVM 1730, R20-F001, Q35 PRO T5500 BITASA, NP-RC410, P30-HSJ, X10 1300, Q30 HWC 733, NT-M70/W210, DP700A7K ATIV ONE 7 CURVED, R55-CV03, NX10, X20 XVM 1730 II, R20-F002, Q35 XIC 5500, RV411, P30-KCW, X10 1400, Q30 JAMIE, NT-R50/C170, NC210-A01AU, R55-CV06, NX1, X20 XVM 1730 IV
SAMSUNG A10 SERIES: A10 XTC 1500, , A10 DXT 1000, A10 DXTD 1100
SAMSUNG GT SERIES: GT8850XTD, , GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8910, GT8910KXV, GT9000, GT9120, GT6360XT, GT6400, GT6400XV, GT7000, GT7450, GT7600, GT7700, GT7700XT, GT8000, GT8100, GT8100KXV, GT8600, GT8650, GT8650XT, GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV, GT8800, GT8800DXV, GT8800XT, GT8800XV, GT8800XVD, GT8850XT
SAMSUNG M SERIES: M40 VM6000, , M40, M40 plus
SAMSUNG N SERIES: NC20, , ND10, ND20, N110, N120, N130
SAMSUNG NP SERIES: NP-NC215S, , NP-Q308, NP350U2A, NP-N230-JA01US, NP-N145P R440 NP-R440, NP-NF110-A02NZ, NP-P510, NP355E4C SERIES 3, NP-N310-BLU/US, NP-NF310-A01US, NP300E5X-A03, NP-N150-JA01US, NP-P430C, NP270E5G-K03US, NP-N310-JA02US NP-N220-JP01US, NP350U2A-W01UB, NP300E5K, NP-N310-KA06ES, NP-P480-JA01US, NP300E5X SERIES 3, NP-N310-KA03US, NP740U3E-K01UB, NP300E4X, NP-N310-KA08US, NP-Q320-FS01US, NP300E5E SERIES 3, NP-N310-KA04UK, NP-Q35C004/SHK, NP300E4A, NP-N310-KAO1FR, NP-Q430H, NP300E4E SERIES 3, NP-N310-KA04US, NP-Q430-JS03US, NP200B5B, NP-N315-JA01NL, NP-QX411-W01US, NP200B5A SERIES 2, NP-N315-JA01AT, NP-QX410-J01US, NP270E4E-K01US, NP-N315-JA01SE, P-X360-AA02US, NP200A5B, NP-N315-JA04, NP-R480-JABSUS, NP270E5E-K04US, NP-NB30-JA01US, NP-X460-AS01US, NP200B4A-A02US, NP-NB30-PA01US, NP-SF410-A01US, NP470R5E, NP-NC10-KA01, NP-X460-AS04US, NP740U3L SERIES 4, NP-NC10-14ROBL, NP-X460-WS01US, NP-S3511, NP-N110-KA02US, NP-NC10-KA01DE SEG, NC110-A03US, NP-NC10BM/US, NP-N120-KA03US, NP-NC10-KA04NL, NP-N120-KA04US, NP-NC10-KA02UK, NP-X360, NP-N130-KA05US, NP-NC10-KC02US, NP-X460, NP-N130-KA01US, NP-NC10-KA06UK, NP-R60Y, NP-R503, NP-N135-JA01US, NP-NC10-KC03US, NP-NC10, NP-R505, NP-N130-KA02US, NP-NC10-KAB1US, NP-ND10, NP-R610, NP-N140-JA01US, NP-NC10-WAS1US, NP-R408L, NP-N140-KA02US, NP-NC10-KB04US, NP-R410L, NP-N140-JA03US, NP-NC110, NP-P410L, NP-N145-JP02US, NP-NC110-P04VE, NP-Q208, NP-N140-JA04US, NP-NC20-KA02AU, NP-P208, NP-N140-JA05US
SAMSUNG P SERIES: P26, , P27, P28, P28G, P29, P30, P40, P35, P200
SAMSUNG Q SERIES: Q1, , Q30, Q35, Q40, Q43, Q45, Q68, Q70, Q10, Q310, Q20, Q1U-EL, Q25, Q1U-V, Q1U-ELXP, Q30 plus, Q45R39, Q1U-XP, Q40 Pro U1400 Silver, Q1U-SSDXP, Q40 XIP 1400, Q1U-CMXP, Q1B, Q1P, Q1PSSD, Q1P Vista, Q1UP-XP
SAMSUNG R SERIES: R60, , R40-K008, R50-001, R60 Plus, R40-K009, R50-2000, R710, R40-K00A, R50-CV04, R40-K00D, R50-CV05, R40-K00E, R50-CV06, R40-K00F, R50-V01, R40-T2300, R50-V02, R40-T2300 Caosee, R51, R45 Pro C1600 Buliena, R45 Pro Series, R45 Pro T5500 Bernie, R45-1730 Cutama, R45-C1500 Cerona, R45-K0, R45-K004, R40 XIP 2255, R45-K005, R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay, R530, R45-K006, R39-DY04, R45-K007, R39-DY06, RV-510, R45-K00D, R40, R719, R45-K02, R40 XIC 2050, R720, R50 WEH 750, R40 XIP 2050, R780, R50 WVM 1730, R519, R18, R40 XIP 2055, R520, R50 WVM 1730 II, R19, R40 XIP 2250, RV510, R50 WVM 1730 III, R20, R40 XIP 5500, RC510, R50 WVM 1860, R23, R40 XIP 5510, R50 XEH 743, R25, R40-EL1, R50 XEH 745, R730, R25 Plus, R40-K003, R50 XIH 741, R420, R45, R40-K005, R50 XWM 740, R50, R40-K006, R50 XWM 742, R510, R40-K007, R50 XWM 750
SAMSUNG S SERIES: SENS630, , SENS640, SENS650, SENS670, SENS680, SENS690, SENS710, SENS750, SENS820, SENS850, SENS855, SENS860, SENS870, SENS890
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SAMSUNG X SERIES: X1, , X15 plus, X30, X05, X06, X10, X11, X15, X360, X460 
SAMSUNG X05 SERIES: X05 XTC 1400 II, , X05 XTC 1400C, X05 XTM 1600, X05-000, X05-001, X05-0VU, X05-402, X05-FU2, X05-GKO, X05-L10, X05-W06, X05, X05 Plus, X05 XTC 1400.

Why Choose Us?

Original batteries have much longer-lasting life and a Longer standby time. Original cells are much more stable and 100% compatible with your laptop!

Order battery is easy. Buy Now-Fill Shipping Address-Pay Through Paypal-Order Successfully. An email with the tracking number will be sent to you after delivery.

Superb pre-sales and after-sales service, providing a full one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Over 10 years of experience selling online, have shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as ours original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


Shipping & Payment

After receiving your order,we require some times to test the product to ensure its quality.The average processing time is 3 working days. The shipping methods we choose e-packet,usps,dhl or fedex.Normally it need 10-15 days can arrive by you.

For payment,we accepts PayPal,Credit Cards,Wire Transfer,Westem Union, as secure payment methods.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with our batteries which you ordered, you can return the battery and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

One-Year Warranty
We are absolutely confident of our batteries and offer one year warranty on all products .

100% Security Payment
For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client's privacy, so please buy with confidence!

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