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Battery Rating: 15.2V
Battery Capacity: 2100mAh (32Wh)
Battery Cells: 2-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Lenovo 01AV493, SB10L84121
Compatible Laptop Models:
Lenovo ThinkPad P52s(20LBA006CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LB 20LC), ThinkPad P52s DHK, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000PGE), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA004CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LB000AUK), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA00VCD), ThinkPad P52s(18CD), ThinkPad P52S-20LB001FUS, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000FMZ), ThinkPad P52s(20LB001TCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA001CD), ThinkPad T580-20LAS01H00, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000JGE), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA005CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA003CD), ThinkPad P52s V00, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000KGE), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA009CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LB000AMZ), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA00WCD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBS01800), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA000CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LB000BPB), ThinkPad P52s-20LB000HGE, ThinkPad P52s(20LBA007CD), ThinkPad P52s-20LBA01RCD, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000HGE), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA008CD), ThinkPad P52s(20LBA002CD), ThinkPad P52s EHK, ThinkPad P52s(20LB000JMZ), ThinkPad P52s, ThinkPad T580, Thinkpad P52
ThinkPad P52s(20LBA007CD)

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