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Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 14.4V
Battery Capacity: 75Wh
Battery Color: Balck
Weight: 429g
Size: 271.20 x 54.80 x 21.50mm
Cells Amount: 8-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
HP 632113-151, HP 632114-141, HP 632425-001, HP HSTNN-F10C, HP HSTNN-I93C, HP HSTNN-IB2P ,HP HSTNN-IB2Q, HP HSTNN-LB2P, HP HSTNN-LB2Q ,HP QK641AA ,HP VH08 ,HP VH08XL
Compatible Laptop Models:
Hp EliteBook 8560w, EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8760w, EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8770W Series, 
Hp Elitebook 8560w Series
EliteBook 8560w A2F71EC, EliteBook 8560w A2F82EC, EliteBook 8560w A2F83EC, EliteBook 8560w A2G34EC, EliteBook 8560w A2G44EC, EliteBook 8560w A2U96LC, EliteBook 8560w A3M97PA, EliteBook 8560w A3M98PA, EliteBook 8560w A3P21EC, EliteBook 8560w A3P31EC, EliteBook 8560w A3P44EC, EliteBook 8560w A3P45EC, EliteBook 8560w A6U91EC, EliteBook 8560w A6V04EC, EliteBook 8560w A6V17EC, EliteBook 8560w A6V39EC, EliteBook 8560w A6V44EC, EliteBook 8560w B2E50EC, EliteBook 8560w B2E55EC, EliteBook 8560w B2E72EC, EliteBook 8560w B2F05EC, EliteBook 8560w B2F06EC, EliteBook 8560w B2F11EC, EliteBook 8560w B2F46EC, EliteBook 8560w B3P99PP, EliteBook 8560w B8Q48UP, EliteBook 8560w B8Q69UP, EliteBook 8560w C4H74UC, EliteBook 8560w C4M37AV, EliteBook 8560w DUMHPE8560WPRE, EliteBook 8560w H0F22EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F34EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F36EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F38EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F45EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F47EP, EliteBook 8560w H0F51EP, EliteBook 8560w H0Q61EP, EliteBook 8560w H0Q66EP, EliteBook 8560w H0Q73EP, EliteBook 8560w H1T21UC, EliteBook 8560w H1T95UC, EliteBook 8560w H1T96UC, EliteBook 8560w H1Y03UC, EliteBook 8560w H2K76UP, EliteBook 8560w H3C16UP, EliteBook 8560w H3N84UC, EliteBook 8560w H3P07UC, EliteBook 8560w LC570EP, EliteBook 8560w LW924AW, EliteBook 8560w QC567PA, EliteBook 8560w QC856EP, EliteBook 8560w QC885EP, EliteBook 8560w QC906EP, EliteBook 8560w QC940EP, EliteBook 8560w QD017EP, EliteBook 8560w QD111EP, EliteBook 8560w QD132EP, EliteBook 8560w QD146EP, EliteBook 8560w SM847UC, EliteBook 8560w SM858UC, EliteBook 8560w SM873UC, EliteBook 8560w SM991UC, EliteBook 8560w SN220UP, EliteBook 8560w SN289UP, EliteBook 8560w SN411UP, EliteBook 8560w SN412UP, EliteBook 8560w SN652UP, EliteBook 8560w SN654UP, EliteBook 8560w SN695UP, EliteBook 8560w SN717UP, EliteBook 8560w SN719UP, EliteBook 8560w SN798UC, EliteBook 8560w SN802UC, EliteBook 8560w SN813UC, EliteBook 8560w SN814UC, EliteBook 8560w SN815UC, EliteBook 8560w SN890UC, EliteBook 8560w SP025UP, EliteBook 8560w SP062UP, EliteBook 8560w SP114UP, EliteBook 8560w SP254UP, EliteBook 8560w SP285UP, EliteBook 8560w SP301UP, EliteBook 8560w SP357UP, EliteBook 8560w SP373UP, EliteBook 8560w SP433UC, EliteBook 8560w SP434UC, EliteBook 8560w SP435UC, EliteBook 8560w SP436UC, EliteBook 8560w SP495UC, EliteBook 8560w SP504UC, EliteBook 8560w SP550UC, EliteBook 8560w SP606UP, EliteBook 8560w SP633UP, EliteBook 8560w SP689UP, EliteBook 8560w SP713UP, EliteBook 8560w SP763UP, EliteBook 8560w SP844UC, EliteBook 8560w SP845UC, EliteBook 8560w SP867UC, EliteBook 8560w SP878UC, EliteBook 8560w SP930UC, EliteBook 8560w SP972UC, EliteBook 8560w SP993UC, EliteBook 8560w SQ160UP, EliteBook 8560w SQ229UC, EliteBook 8560w SQ283UC, EliteBook 8560w SQ470UP, EliteBook 8560w SQ615UP, EliteBook 8560w SQ934UC, EliteBook 8560w WX563AV, EliteBook 8560w XX058AV, EliteBook 8560w YQ334EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ335EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ342EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ349EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ350EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ364EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ371EC, EliteBook 8560w YQ375EC, 
Hp Elitebook 8570w Series
EliteBook 8570w A2X01AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C38AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C39AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C40AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C41AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C42AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C43AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C44AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C45AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C46AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C47AV, EliteBook 8570w A7C48AV, EliteBook 8570w B2G15EC, EliteBook 8570w B2G21EC, EliteBook 8570w B2G32EC, EliteBook 8570w B2G33EC, EliteBook 8570w B9D05AW, EliteBook 8570w B9D07AW, EliteBook 8570w B9D15AA, EliteBook 8570w C0R73PA, EliteBook 8570w C0R75PA, EliteBook 8570w C0R77PA, EliteBook 8570w C0S30PA, EliteBook 8570w C3H29UP, EliteBook 8570w C3J12UP, EliteBook 8570w C3Z12EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z19EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z30EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z47EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z48EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z62EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z67EC, EliteBook 8570w C3Z71EC, EliteBook 8570w C4P11UP, EliteBook 8570w C4P23UP, EliteBook 8570w C4P34UP, EliteBook 8570w C4Q00UP, EliteBook 8570w C4Q01UP, EliteBook 8570w C4Q17UP, EliteBook 8570w C4Q24UP, EliteBook 8570w C4Z96UC, EliteBook 8570w C5A24UC, EliteBook 8570w C5A26UC, EliteBook 8570w C5A27UC, EliteBook 8570w C5K12UC, EliteBook 8570w C5Q52UC, EliteBook 8570w C5Q54UC, EliteBook 8570w C5Q62UC, EliteBook 8570w C5R19UC, EliteBook 8570w C5R20UC, EliteBook 8570w C5Y52UP, EliteBook 8570w C5Z03UP, EliteBook 8570w C5Z09UP, EliteBook 8570w C5Z97UP, EliteBook 8570w C6A08UP, EliteBook 8570w C7N02UP, EliteBook 8570w C7N21UP, EliteBook 8570w C7N40UP, EliteBook 8570w C7R66UC, EliteBook 8570w C8K99UP, EliteBook 8570w C8L18UP, EliteBook 8570w C8L74UP, EliteBook 8570w C8M05UP, EliteBook 8570w C9R90UC, EliteBook 8570w C9R99UC, EliteBook 8570w C9S38EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S39EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S55EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S58EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S77EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S80EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S82EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S93EC, EliteBook 8570w C9S99EC, EliteBook 8570w C9T38EC, EliteBook 8570w C9T50EC, EliteBook 8570w C9T64EC, EliteBook 8570w C9T70EC, EliteBook 8570w C9T76EC, EliteBook 8570w C9Y29UP, EliteBook 8570w C9Y45UP, EliteBook 8570w C9Z07UP, EliteBook 8570w C9Z12UP, EliteBook 8570w C9Z18UP, EliteBook 8570w D0M73UC, EliteBook 8570w D0M75UC, EliteBook 8570w D0N80PA, EliteBook 8570w D0V73UC, EliteBook 8570w D1R85UC, EliteBook 8570w D2A90UP, EliteBook 8570w D2C30UP, EliteBook 8570w D2C45UP, EliteBook 8570w D2C46UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D00UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D01UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D52UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D68UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D69UP, EliteBook 8570w D2D91UP, EliteBook 8570w D3L17AW, EliteBook 8570w D3L18AW, EliteBook 8570w D3L19AW, EliteBook 8570w D3L20AW, EliteBook 8570w D3L54UC, EliteBook 8570w D3W46UC, EliteBook 8570w D3W47UC, EliteBook 8570w D3W48UC, EliteBook 8570w D3W49UC, EliteBook 8570w D3W68UC, EliteBook 8570w D4H78EC, EliteBook 8570w D4H92EC, EliteBook 8570w D4H99EC, EliteBook 8570w D4R87UC, EliteBook 8570w D5V13UP, EliteBook 8570w D5X34UP, EliteBook 8570w D5Y18UP, EliteBook 8570w D7M29EC, EliteBook 8570w D7M30EC, EliteBook 8570w D7M35EC, EliteBook 8570w D7W67UC, EliteBook 8570w D7W68UC, EliteBook 8570w D8S95PP, EliteBook 8570w D8S96PP, EliteBook 8570w D9F27UC, EliteBook 8570w D9F29UC, EliteBook 8570w E0G76UP, EliteBook 8570w E0G77UP, EliteBook 8570w E0G78UP, EliteBook 8570w E0G79UP, EliteBook 8570w E0G80UP, EliteBook 8570w E0G85UP, EliteBook 8570w E2F97EC, EliteBook 8570w E3R76UP, EliteBook 8570w E3R84UP, EliteBook 8570w E4A42PP, EliteBook 8570w E6S81UC, EliteBook 8570w E8K67UP, EliteBook 8570w E8K68UP, EliteBook 8570w E9H43UC, EliteBook 8570w F4F62PP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q86EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q88EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q91EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q92EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q94EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q95EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q98EP, EliteBook 8570w H0Q99EP, EliteBook 8570w H0R01EP, EliteBook 8570w H2W80EP, EliteBook 8570w H3W90LC, EliteBook 8570w H4F81EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A35EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A36EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A37EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A42EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A55EP, EliteBook 8570w H5A56EP, 
Hp Elitebook 8760w Series
EliteBook 8760w A2F62EC, EliteBook 8760w A2F65EC, EliteBook 8760w A2F68EC, EliteBook 8760w A2F96EC, EliteBook 8760w A2G05EC, EliteBook 8760w A2G15EC, EliteBook 8760w A2G25EC, EliteBook 8760w A2G26EC, EliteBook 8760w A2G35EC, EliteBook 8760w A2U97LC, EliteBook 8760w A2U98LC, EliteBook 8760w A3M96PA, EliteBook 8760w A3N37PA, EliteBook 8760w A3N92EC, EliteBook 8760w A3N93EC, EliteBook 8760w A3N94EC, EliteBook 8760w A3P04EC, EliteBook 8760w A3P28EC, EliteBook 8760w A3P32EC, EliteBook 8760w A3P39EC, EliteBook 8760w A3Z12PP, EliteBook 8760w A6M71AW, EliteBook 8760w A6M72AW, EliteBook 8760w B2E52EC, EliteBook 8760w B2E96EC, EliteBook 8760w B2E99EC, EliteBook 8760w B2F02EC, EliteBook 8760w B2F17EC, EliteBook 8760w B2F18EC, EliteBook 8760w B2F47EC, EliteBook 8760w B2F57EC, EliteBook 8760w B3P27PC, EliteBook 8760w B3P71PP, EliteBook 8760w B8Q65UP, EliteBook 8760w DUMHPE8760WPRE, EliteBook 8760w H0Q64EP, EliteBook 8760w H0Q68EP, EliteBook 8760w H1T54UC, EliteBook 8760w H1T81UC, EliteBook 8760w H1T82UC, EliteBook 8760w H1W65UP, EliteBook 8760w H3N85UC, EliteBook 8760w H3P88UC, EliteBook 8760w LC568EP, EliteBook 8760w LW870AW, EliteBook 8760w LW871AW, EliteBook 8760w LY671EC, EliteBook 8760w QC584PA, EliteBook 8760w QC912EP, EliteBook 8760w QC956EP, EliteBook 8760w QD024EP, EliteBook 8760w QD112EP, EliteBook 8760w SN371UP, EliteBook 8760w SN610UP, EliteBook 8760w SN611UP, EliteBook 8760w SN655UP, EliteBook 8760w SN907UC, EliteBook 8760w SP098UP, EliteBook 8760w SP255UP, EliteBook 8760w SP287UP, EliteBook 8760w SP303UP, EliteBook 8760w SP323UP, EliteBook 8760w SP551UC, EliteBook 8760w SP586UC, EliteBook 8760w SP589UC, EliteBook 8760w SP712UP, EliteBook 8760w SP739UP, EliteBook 8760w SP777UP, EliteBook 8760w SP785UP, EliteBook 8760w SP886UC, EliteBook 8760w SQ161UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ177UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ230UC, EliteBook 8760w SQ231UC, EliteBook 8760w SQ445UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ448UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ469UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ621UP, EliteBook 8760w SQ928UC, EliteBook 8760w SQ935UC, EliteBook 8760w WX720AV, EliteBook 8760w XY697AV, EliteBook 8760w YQ343EC, EliteBook 8760w YQ348EC, EliteBook 8760w YQ356EC, 
Hp Elitebook 8770w Series
EliteBook 8770w A2Y14AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G08AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G09AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G10AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G11AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G12AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G13AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G14AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G15AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G16AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G17AV, EliteBook 8770w A7G18AV, EliteBook 8770w B9C89AW, EliteBook 8770w B9C91AW, EliteBook 8770w C0R76PA, EliteBook 8770w C0S31PA, EliteBook 8770w C3Z25EC, EliteBook 8770w C5Z15UP, EliteBook 8770w C7M65UP, EliteBook 8770w C8E85UC, EliteBook 8770w C8L06UP, EliteBook 8770w C8L07UP, EliteBook 8770w C8M06UP, EliteBook 8770w C9E74UC, EliteBook 8770w C9S56EC, EliteBook 8770w C9S70EC, EliteBook 8770w C9S71EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T07EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T08EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T11EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T24EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T25EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T53EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T63EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T65EC, EliteBook 8770w C9T71EC, EliteBook 8770w C9Z08UP, EliteBook 8770w D0M09UC, EliteBook 8770w D0M44UC, EliteBook 8770w D0M72UC, EliteBook 8770w D0M74UC, EliteBook 8770w D1S01UC, EliteBook 8770w D1Z60UC, EliteBook 8770w D2C15UP, EliteBook 8770w D2C32UP, EliteBook 8770w D2C48UP, EliteBook 8770w D2D48UP, EliteBook 8770w D2D85UP, EliteBook 8770w D2E59UP, EliteBook 8770w D2Z96UC, EliteBook 8770w D3C76AW, EliteBook 8770w D3C77AW, EliteBook 8770w D3W69UC, EliteBook 8770w D3W79PP, EliteBook 8770w D3W80PP, EliteBook 8770w D4H61EC, EliteBook 8770w D4H96EC, EliteBook 8770w D5G38AW, EliteBook 8770w D5G39AW, EliteBook 8770w D5K78UC, EliteBook 8770w D5W88UP, EliteBook 8770w D5Y48UP, EliteBook 8770w D6R77UC, EliteBook 8770w D6R80UC, EliteBook 8770w D7M16EC, EliteBook 8770w D7M18EC, EliteBook 8770w E0H13UP, EliteBook 8770w E0H15UP, EliteBook 8770w E2F50EC, EliteBook 8770w E2F84EC, EliteBook 8770w E3R77UP, EliteBook 8770w E3R83UP, EliteBook 8770w H0R02EP, EliteBook 8770w H0R06EP, EliteBook 8770w H3W85LC, EliteBook 8770w H3W89LC, EliteBook 8770w H5A29EP, EliteBook 8770w H5A38EP, EliteBook 8770w H5A46EP, EliteBook 8770w H5A50EP, EliteBook 8770w H5A51EP
Hp Mobile Workstation
EliteBook 8570w.

Why Choose Us?

Original batteries have much longer-lasting life and a Longer standby time. Original cells are much more stable and 100% compatible with your laptop!

Order battery is easy. Buy Now-Fill Shipping Address-Pay Through Paypal-Order Successfully. An email with the tracking number will be sent to you after delivery.

Superb pre-sales and after-sales service, providing a full one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Over 10 years of experience selling online, have shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as ours original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


Shipping & Payment

After receiving your order,we require some times to test the product to ensure its quality.The average processing time is 3 working days. The shipping methods we choose e-packet,usps,dhl or fedex.Normally it need 10-15 days can arrive by you.

For payment,we accepts PayPal,Credit Cards,Wire Transfer,Westem Union, as secure payment methods.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with our batteries which you ordered, you can return the battery and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

One-Year Warranty
We are absolutely confident of our batteries and offer one year warranty on all products .

100% Security Payment
For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client's privacy, so please buy with confidence!

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