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Price in reward points: 492000
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Capacity: 41Wh
Battery Color: Black
Weight: 215g
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
HP 800049-001, HP 800049-01, HP HSTNN-DB6T, HP HSTNN-LB6S, HP K104, HP K1O4 ,HP KI04, HP KIO4, HP M9F64EAABU, HP N2L84AA ,HP TPN-Q158, HP TPN-Q159, HP TPN-Q160, HP TPN-Q161, HP TPN-Q162, HP TPN-Q163
Compatible Laptop Models:
Hp 15-271SA, 15-ab001nf, 15-ab101AX, 15-ab113AX, 15-ab150sa, 15-ab150sa ENERGY STAR, 15-ab188ca, 15-ab227tk Nbk Cnx, 15-AB254S A, 15-AB271S A, 15-ab288sa, 15-ab289sa, 15-AB291SA, 15-ak014TXP7G6PA, 15t-an000, AB269SA, DESKTOP-7459VB6, HP15 AB271S, MD 17-G141DX, N7K30EAABU, N8L77PA, Pavilion 14-ab022TX, Pavilion 14-ab034TX, Pavilion 14-ab050TX, Pavilion 14-ab101TU, Pavilion 14-ab105la, Pavilion 14-ab108TU, Pavilion 14-ab111TX, Pavilion 14-ab114TX, Pavilion 14-ab122TX, Pavilion 14-ab130TX, Pavilion 14-ab143TX, PAVILION 14-AB154CA, Pavilion 14-ab156la, Pavilion 14-ab171TX, Pavilion 15-AB000UR, Pavilion 15-AB001TX, Pavilion 15-AB002TX, Pavilion 15-AB003UR, Pavilion 15-AB007TU, Pavilion 15-AB009UR, Pavilion 15-AB011NU, Pavilion 15-ab011tx(L8P39PA), Pavilion 15-AB013NF, Pavilion 15-ab015nx, Pavilion 15-AB016UR, Pavilion 15-AB020NF, Pavilion 15-ab020no, Pavilion 15-AB023AX, Pavilion 15-AB024NA, Pavilion 15-AB026NA, Pavilion 15-AB027TX, Pavilion 15-AB029UR, Pavilion 15-AB031CY, Pavilion 15-AB033AX, Pavilion 15-AB034CY, Pavilion 15-ab036ax, Pavilion 15-ab043na, Pavilion 15-ab050tx (M2X04PA), Pavilion 15-ab051np, Pavilion 15-ab052nx, Pavilion 15-ab054ur, Pavilion 15-ab055ng, Pavilion 15-ab058no, Pavilion 15-ab060tx, Pavilion 15-ab068tx(M4Y22PA), Pavilion 15-ab069ur, Pavilion 15-ab074no, Pavilion 15-ab082nc, Pavilion 15-ab091nb, Pavilion 15-ab098nb, Pavilion 15-ab099nb, Pavilion 15-AB100NS, Pavilion 15-ab102ng, Pavilion 15-AB102NP, Pavilion 15-AB104NA, Pavilion 15-AB106NP, Pavilion 15-AB109NH, Pavilion 15-AB111NS, Pavilion 15-AB114LA, Pavilion 15-AB116NA, Pavilion 15-AB117NO, Pavilion 15-AB118NG, Pavilion 15-AB120CY, Pavilion 15-AB121CY, Pavilion 15-AB124NC, Pavilion 15-AB126UR, Pavilion 15-AB130NA, Pavilion 15-AB137AX, Pavilion 15-AB141NA, Pavilion 15-AB146AX, Pavilion 15-AB154NO, Pavilion 15-AB161NR, Pavilion 15-AB173CL, Pavilion 15-AB181NW, Pavilion 15-AB185CY, Pavilion 15-AB189CY, Pavilion 15-AB193NO, Pavilion 15-AB200NC, Pavilion 15-AB201TU, Pavilion 15-AB202UR, Pavilion 15-AB204NC, Pavilion 15-AB205NS, Pavilion 15-AB207NF, Pavilion 15-AB209CY, Pavilion 15-AB210NV, Pavilion 15-AB211NX, Pavilion 15-AB212NIA, Pavilion 15-AB213NK, Pavilion 15-AB214NF, Pavilion 15-AB216NA, Pavilion 15-AB217TU, Pavilion 15-AB220NE, Pavilion 15-AB221NL, Pavilion 15-AB223NG, Pavilion 15-AB225TX, Pavilion 15-AB226UR, Pavilion 15-AB230NG, Pavilion 15-AB232NF, Pavilion 15-AB233NE, Pavilion 15-AB234NZ, Pavilion 15-AB235NL, Pavilion 15-AB237NL, Pavilion 15-AB238TX, Pavilion 15-AB241UR, Pavilion 15-AB244TX, Pavilion 15-AB249NE, Pavilion 15-AB252NF, Pavilion 15-AB255NG, Pavilion 15-AB260NF, Pavilion 15-AB264TX, Pavilion 15-AB268CA, Pavilion 15-AB271NA, Pavilion 15-AB273NF, Pavilion 15-AB276NB, Pavilion 15-AB278NW, Pavilion 15-AB282TX, Pavilion 15-AB290NA, Pavilion 15-AB295TX, Pavilion 15-AB505TX, Pavilion 15-AB532NA, Pavilion 15-AB544TX, Pavilion 15-AB566TX, Pavilion 15-AB582NZ, Pavilion 15-AN000NC, Pavilion 15-AN000NL, Pavilion 15-AN001NX, Pavilion 15-AN002NS, Pavilion 15-AN002TX, Pavilion 15-AN044NR, Pavilion 15-AN080NB, Pavilion 15AB101AX, Pavilion 17-G005NA, Pavilion 17-G007NA, Pavilion 17-G015NA, Pavilion 17-G023NG, Pavilion 17-G031CY, Pavilion 17-G047ND, Pavilion 17-G061UR, Pavilion 17-g100nc, Pavilion 17-G101DX, Pavilion 17-g101nk, Pavilion 17-g102ni, Pavilion 17-g103ng, Pavilion 17-g104nf, Pavilion 17-g105nk, Pavilion 17-g107ng, Pavilion 17-g108nl, Pavilion 17-G110NR, Pavilion 17-g111nf, Pavilion 17-g115nd, Pavilion 17-G120NR, Pavilion 17-g121nf, Pavilion 17-G124CY, Pavilion 17-G127CY, Pavilion 17-g127nd, Pavilion 17-G130NR, Pavilion 17-g131nz, Pavilion 17-G133DS, Pavilion 17-g140nf, Pavilion 17-G147DS, Pavilion 17-g150ur, Pavilion 17-g152no, Pavilion 17-g153nh, Pavilion 17-g155nc, Pavilion 17-g157nl, Pavilion 17-g161nb, Pavilion 17-g165nf, Pavilion 17-G170CA, Pavilion 17-g172nd, Pavilion 17-g179nb, Pavilion 17-G186NB, Pavilion 17-g186nf, Pavilion 17-G199CY, PAVILION 17G159NO, Pavilion AMD A6-6310APU, Pavilion Gaming 15-AB88CA, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK001UR, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK004UR, Pavilion Gaming 15-ak014TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-ak030TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK038TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK055SA, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK090NZ, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK104NU, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK113NF, Pavilion Gaming 15-AK170NW, Pavilion Gaming 15-ak181ng, PAVILION N9R33EA, Pavilion T0Y66PA, Pavilion X64-based PC, Pavillion 14-ab169tx, PAVILLION 15-AN000NA, Pavillion notebook 15-ab253ca, W0H93PA,Hp Pavilion 14-ab000,Pavilion 14-ab000, Pavilion 14-ab000(Touch), Pavilion 14-ab001TU, Pavilion 14-ab001TX, Pavilion 14-ab002TU, Pavilion 14-ab002TX, Pavilion 14-ab003TU, Pavilion 14-ab003TX, Pavilion 14-ab004TU, Pavilion 14-ab004TX, Pavilion 14-ab005TU, Pavilion 14-ab005TX, Pavilion 14-ab006TU, Pavilion 14-ab006TX, Pavilion 14-ab007la, Pavilion 14-ab007TU, Pavilion 14-ab007TX, Pavilion 14-ab008TU, Pavilion 14-ab008TX, Pavilion 14-ab009TU, Pavilion 14-ab009TX, Pavilion 14-ab010TU, Pavilion 14-ab010TX, Pavilion 14-ab011TX, Pavilion 14-ab012TU, Pavilion 14-ab012TX, Pavilion 14-ab013TU, Pavilion 14-ab013TX, Pavilion 14-ab014TU, Pavilion 14-ab014TX, Pavilion 14-ab015TU, Pavilion 14-ab015TX, Pavilion 14-ab015tx (M2X00PA), Pavilion 14-ab016TU, Pavilion 14-ab016TX 
Hp Pavilion 15 Series
Pavilion 15-ab000, Pavilion 15-ab000na, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab001nh, Pavilion 15-ab001np, Pavilion 15-ab002nh, Pavilion 15-ab002nj, Pavilion 15-ab004na, Pavilion 15-ab005tx(L8P33PA), Pavilion 15-ab005ur, Pavilion 15-ab006nq, Pavilion 15-ab006tx(L8P34PA), Pavilion 15-ab006ur, Pavilion 15-ab007na, Pavilion 15-ab007tx(L8P35PA), Pavilion 15-ab008na, Pavilion 15-ab008nq, Pavilion 15-ab008tx(L8P36PA), Pavilion 15-ab009nq, Pavilion 15-ab009tx(L8P37PA), Pavilion 15-ab010AX, Pavilion 15-ab010na, Pavilion 15-ab010no, Pavilion 15-ab010tx(L8P38PA), Pavilion 15-ab011nf, Pavilion 15-ab011nia, Pavilion 15-ab100na
Hp Pavilion 17-g000 Series
Pavilion 17-g000, Pavilion 17-g000na, Pavilion 17-g000nc, Pavilion 17-g000nd, Pavilion 17-g000nf, Pavilion 17-g000nk, Pavilion 17-g000nv, Pavilion 17-g000nw, Pavilion 17-g000ur, Pavilion 17-g001n, Pavilion 17-g001nt, Pavilion 17-g001nu, Pavilion 17-g001ur
Hp Pavilion 17-g000 Series
Pavilion 17-g002na, Pavilion 17-g002nd, Pavilion 17-g002nk, Pavilion 17-g002no, Pavilion 17-g002ns, Pavilion 17-g002ur, Pavilion 17-g003nk, Pavilion 17-g003nl, Pavilion 17-g003nm, Pavilion 17-g003no, Pavilion 17-g003ns, Pavilion 17-g003ur, Pavilion 17-g004ng, Pavilion 17-g004nk, Pavilion 17-g005nf, Pavilion 17-g005nl, Pavilion 17-g005nx, Pavilion 17-g005ur, Pavilion 17-g006nx, Pavilion 17-g006ur, Pavilion 17-g008nl, Pavilion 17-g008ur, Pavilion 17-g009nf, Pavilion 17-g009ng, Pavilion 17-g010na, Pavilion 17-g010nf, Pavilion 17-g010nz, Pavilion 17-g010ur, Pavilion 17-g011nm, Pavilion 17-g011nz, Pavilion 17-g011ur, Pavilion 17-g012na, Pavilion 17-g013ng, Pavilion 17-g013no, Pavilion 17-g013ur, Pavilion 17-g014no, Pavilion 17-g019ur, Pavilion 17-g020nz, Pavilion 17-g021nf, Pavilion 17-g024nd, Pavilion 17-g024ng, Pavilion 17-g024ur, Pavilion 17-g025nd, Pavilion 17-g026na, Pavilion 17-g035nd, Pavilion 17-g035ng, Pavilion 17-g036na, Pavilion 17-g037ng, Pavilion 17-g041no, Pavilion 17-g043nb, Pavilion 17-g045no, Pavilion 17-g051na, Pavilion 17-g051ur, Pavilion 17-g052nf, Pavilion 17-g052ng, Pavilion 17-g054ng, Pavilion 17-g054ur, Pavilion 17-g055ur, Pavilion 17-g059ur, Pavilion 17-g063ur, Pavilion 17-g073ng, Pavilion 17-g074ng, Pavilion 17-g085nb, Pavilion 17-g093ng, Pavilion 17-g100, Pavilion 17-g102ng, Pavilion 17-g109ng, Pavilion 17-g110ng, Pavilion 17-g111ng, Pavilion 17-g112ng, Pavilion 17-g114ng, Pavilion 17-g115ng, Pavilion 17-g120ng, Pavilion 17-g121ng, Pavilion 17-g131ng, Pavilion 17-g132ng, Pavilion 17-g133ng, Pavilion 17-g139ng, Pavilion 17-g151no, Pavilion 17-g152ng, Pavilion 17-g153ng, Pavilion 17-g157ng, Pavilion 17-g178ng, Pavilion 17-g188ca, PAVILION 17-g215cy, Pavillion 17-g188, Pavillion 17-g188ca, pavillon 17-G001NF, pavillon 17-g141dx
Hp Pavilion Gaming Nb 15 Series
Pavilion Gaming NB 15, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak000, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak001TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak002TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak003TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak004TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak030TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak039TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak049tx (W0H65PA).

Why Choose Us?

Original batteries have much longer-lasting life and a Longer standby time. Original cells are much more stable and 100% compatible with your laptop!

Order battery is easy. Buy Now-Fill Shipping Address-Pay Through Paypal-Order Successfully. An email with the tracking number will be sent to you after delivery.

Superb pre-sales and after-sales service, providing a full one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Over 10 years of experience selling online, have shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as ours original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


Shipping & Payment

After receiving your order,we require some times to test the product to ensure its quality.The average processing time is 3 working days. The shipping methods we choose e-packet,usps,dhl or fedex.Normally it need 10-15 days can arrive by you.

For payment,we accepts PayPal,Credit Cards,Wire Transfer,Westem Union, as secure payment methods.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with our batteries which you ordered, you can return the battery and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

One-Year Warranty
We are absolutely confident of our batteries and offer one year warranty on all products .

100% Security Payment
For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client's privacy, so please buy with confidence!

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