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Battery Rating: 11.55V
Battery Capacity: 3450mAh (41.5Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
849048-421, 849049-421, 849314-850, 849314-856, 849315-850, 849315-856, HSTNN-LB7E, HSTNN-LB7F, SG03041XL, SG03061XL, SG03061XL-PR, SG03XL, SGO3XL, TPN-I126
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP Envy 17-U294CL, ENVY 17-u110nr W2K90UA, Envy 17-U193MS, ENVY 17-u177cl W2K91UA, Envy M7-U009DX W2K86UA, Envy 17-U273CL, ENVY 17-u108ca W7D93UA, Envy 17-U292CL, ENVY Notebook 17t-u000 CTO, ENVY 17t-u100 GFLSB4VT, ENVY 17-u163cl W2K93UA, Envy 17-U220NR, ENVY 17-u175nr W2K92UA, Envy 17-U275CL, Envy 17-U175NR, W2K92UA, W2K91UA, Envy 17-U018CA, Envy M7-U011DX, W7D93UA, Envy 17-U011NR Notebook Series, W2K86UA, Envy 17-U011NR W2K87UA, Envy 17-U296CL, W2K93UA, Envy 17-U108CA, ENVY 17-u153nr W2K89UA, Envy 17t-U000 Notebook Series, 17-U000, Envy M7-U010DX, Envy 17-U153NR, W2K89UA, M7-U000, Envy 17-U110NR, Envy M7-U009DX Series, Envy M7-U105DX, Envy M7-U109DX W2K88UA, Envy 17-U163CL, Envy 17-U177CL, W2K88UA, Envy M7-U109DX, Envy 17-U011NR, ENVY 17T-U000, 17t-u000, Envy M7-U009DX, ENVY M7U

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