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Price in reward points: 576000
Battery Rating: 7.6V
Battery Capacity: 4810mAh (37.6Wh)
Battery Cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
HSTNN-DB8U, HSTNN-IB8Q, L27868-1C1, L27868-2D1, L28076-005, MM02037XL, MM02XL
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP 13-AN0006TU 5GR09PA, Pavilion 13-AN0004TU, Pavilion 13-AN0035TU, PAVILION 13-AN0014NF, PAVILION 13-AN1025TU, PAVILION 13-AN0007LA, PAVILION 13-AN0011NF, PAVILION 13-AN0047UR, PAVILION 13-AN0056UR, 13-AN0004TU, Pavilion 13-AN0016TU, PAVILION 13-AN0056TU, PAVILION 13-AN0075UR, PAVILION 13-AN0506SA, PAVILION 13-AN0001NF, PAVILION 13-AN0039UR, 13-AN0001TU, Pavilion 13-AN0008TU, Pavilion 13-AN0041TU, PAVILION 13-AN0066TU, Pavilion 13-an0207ng, PAVILION 13-AN0007NE, PAVILION 13-AN0013NF, PAVILION 13-AN0049UR, PAVILION 13-AN0058UR, 13-AN0000TU 5GQ99PA, Pavilion 13-AN0005TU, Pavilion 13-AN0018TU, PAVILION 13-AN0002NF, PAVILION 13-AN0070UR, PAVILION 13-AN0047NF, PAVILION 13-AN0002NK, PAVILION 13-AN0041UR, PAVILION 13-AN0051UR, 13-AN0003TU, Pavilion 13-AN0010NR, Pavilion 13-AN0043TU, PAVILION 13-AN0063UR, Pavilion 13-an0302ng, PAVILION 13-AN0042NF, PAVILION 13-AN0032UR, PAVILION 13-AN0060UR, 13-AN0002TU 5GR12PA, Pavilion 13-AN0002TU, Pavilion 13-AN0022TU, PAVILION 13-AN0035UR, PAVILION 13-an0087tu, PAVILION 13-AN0006NE, PAVILION 13-AN0005NE, PAVILION 13-AN0044UR, PAVILION 13-AN0053UR, 13-AN0006TU, Pavilion 13-AN0012TU, Pavilion 13-AN0045TU, PAVILION 13-AN0061UR, PAVILION 13-AN0000NS, PAVILION 13-AN0000NE, PAVILION 13-AN0034UR, PAVILION 13-AN0380ND, 13-AN0005TU 5GR00PA, Pavilion 13-AN0000TU, Pavilion 13-AN0033TU, PAVILION 13-AN0030UR, PAVILION 13-AN1022TU, PAVILION 13-AN0000NH, PAVILION 13-AN0008NF, PAVILION 13-AN0046UR, PAVILION 13-AN0055UR, 13-AN0000TU, Pavilion 13-AN0015TU, Pavilion 13-AN0047TU, PAVILION 13-AN0072UR, PAVILION 13-AN0006NA, PAVILION 13-AN0000NO, PAVILION 13-AN0037UR, 13-AN0007TU 5GR13PA, Pavilion 13-AN0007TU, Pavilion 13-AN0040TU, PAVILION 13-AN0012LA, Pavilion 13-an0205ng, PAVILION 13-AN0003NW, PAVILION 13-AN0012NF, PAVILION 13-AN0048UR, PAVILION 13-AN0057UR, 13-AN0001TU 5HE66PA, Pavilion 13-AN0003TU, Pavilion 13-AN0017TU, PAVILION 13-AN0067TU, PAVILION 13-AN0071UR, PAVILION 13-AN0001NS, PAVILION 13-AN0001NK, PAVILION 13-AN0040UR, 13-AN0005TU, Pavilion 13-AN0009TU, Pavilion 13-AN0042TU, PAVILION 13-AN0062UR, Pavilion 13-an0300ng, PAVILION 13-AN0808NO, PAVILION 13-AN0031UR, PAVILION 13-AN0050UR, PAVILION 13-AN0059UR, 13-AN0003TU 5GR15PA, Pavilion 13-AN0001TU, Pavilion 13-AN0020TU, PAVILION 13-AN0038UR, PAVILION 13-AN0078UR, PAVILION 13-AN0005NT, PAVILION 13-AN0003NF, PAVILION 13-AN0043UR, PAVILION 13-AN0052UR, 13-AN0002TU, Pavilion 13-AN0010TU, Pavilion 13-AN0044TU, PAVILION 13-AN0064UR, PAVILION 13-AN0999NF, PAVILION 13-AN0404NZ, PAVILION 13-AN0033UR, PAVILION 13-AN0370ND, 13-AN0004TU 5GR22PA, Pavilion 13-AN0006TU, Pavilion 13-AN0032TU, PAVILION 13-AN0029NF, PAVILION 13-AN0105NG, PAVILION 13-AN0006NF, PAVILION 13-AN0045UR, PAVILION 13-AN0054UR, 13-AN0007TU, Pavilion 13-AN0014TU, Pavilion 13-AN0046TU, PAVILION 13-AN0065UR, PAVILION 13-AN0064TU, PAVILION 13-AN0000NK, PAVILION 13-AN0036UR, PAVILION 13-AN0031

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