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Price in reward points: 384000
Battery Rating: 10.95V
Battery Capacity: 2600mAh (28Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
775625-121, 775625-141, 775625-221, 775825-221, 776622-001, HSTNN-DB6N, HSTNN-IB6R, LA03, LA03031DF, LA03DF
Compatible Laptop Models:
Hp 15-FO19DX, 15-GO68CA, 15-F355NR, 15-F133CA, 15-F133WM, 15-F158CA, 15-F128CA, 15-F098NR, 15-F110CA, 15-F199NR, 15-F018CA, 15-F224WM, 15-F113CA, 15-F097NR, 15-F048CA, 15-F011NR, 15-F162DX, 15-F211NR, 15-F205DX, 15-F059WM, 15-F215DX, 15-F085WM, 15-F211WM, 15-F008CL, 15-F018DX, 15-F023WM, 15-F337WM, 15-F019DX, 15-F100DX, 15-F209WM, 15-F209NR, 15-F125WM, 15-F004WM, 15-F027CA, 15-F111DX, 14-y001la, 15-F024WM, 15-F240CA, 15-F210CA, 15-F247NR, 15-F305DX, 15-F004DX, 15-F010WM, 15-F039WM, 15-F033WM, 15-F271WM, 15-F233WM, 15-F010Dx, 15-F118CA, 15-F272WM, 14-y005la, 15-F014WM, 14-y002la, 15-F003DX

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