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Price in reward points: 504000
Battery Rating: 11.25V
Battery Capacity: 5800mAh (66Wh)
Battery Cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP Pavilion 11-E104AU, Pavilion 11-e110AU, Pavilion 11-E100ST, Pavilion 11-E170EG, 210 G1 (G1P69AV), Pavilion 11-E107AU, Pavilion 11-e113AU, Pavilion 11-E101SA, Pavilion 11Z, ProBook 11 (T4E99AV), Pavilion 11-E111AU, Pavilion 11-e117AU, Pavilion 11-E102AU, Pavilion 11Z-E000, ProBook 11 (T4F01AV), Pavilion 11-E001LA, Pavilion 11-E115NR, Pavilion 11-E103AU, Pavilion 11-e109AU, Pavilion 11-E016DX, Pavilion 11-E140CA, Pavilion 11-E105AU, Pavilion 11-e112AU, Pavilion 11-E100SX, Pavilion 11-E199NF, Pavilion 11-E110NR, Pavilion Touchsmart 11-n010dx, Pavilion 11-e114AU, Pavilion 11-E101SF, Pavilion 11Z-E000 CTO, ProBook 11 (T4F00AV), Pavilion 11-E115AU, Pavilion 11-e119AU, Pavilion 11-E102SA, Pavilion 11-E003LA, Pavilion 11-E116AU, Pavilion 11-e000eb, Pavilion 11-e000ss, Pavilion 11-e004au, Pavilion 11-e010ss, Pavilion 11-e100sf, Pavilion 11-e000ew, Pavilion 11-e001sx, Pavilion 11-e010er, Pavilion 11-e016au, Pavilion 11-e099es, Pavilion 11-e006au, Pavilion 11-e032sf, Pavilion 11-e100sia, Pavilion 11-e002ea, Pavilion 11-e010sa, Pavilion 11-e018au, Pavilion 11-e000eg, Pavilion 11-e001eo, Pavilion 11-e008au, Pavilion 11-e013au, Pavilion 11-e100sp, Pavilion 11-e000sg, Pavilion 11-e002so, Pavilion 11-e010sg, Pavilion 11-e100eo, Pavilion 11-e000eo, Pavilion 11-e015au, Pavilion 11-e050eia, Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e005au, Pavilion 11-e000sp, Pavilion 11-e003so, Pavilion 11-e010sr, Pavilion 11-e100sb, Pavilion 11-e000es, Pavilion 11-e001so, Pavilion 11-e010eg, Pavilion 11-e090sg, Pavilion 11-e000ec, Pavilion 11-e000sw, Pavilion 11-e030sf, Pavilion 11-e100sg, Pavilion 11-e000sa, Pavilion 11-e002au, Pavilion 11-e017au, Pavilion 11-e099ss, 210 G1 (G6H28AV), Pavilion 11-e000ee, Pavilion 11-e001ee, Pavilion 11-e007au, Pavilion 11-e012au, Pavilion 11-e033sf, Pavilion 11-e100so, Pavilion 11-e000se, Pavilion 11-e002sa, Pavilion 11-e010sc, Pavilion 11-e019au, Pavilion 11-e100ed, Pavilion 11-e000ej, Pavilion 11-e001ex, Pavilion 11-e009au, Pavilion 11-e014au, Pavilion 11-e040ef, Pavilion 11-e100sr, Pavilion 11-e000so, Pavilion 11-e003au, Pavilion 11-e010sn, Pavilion 11-e100sa, Pavilion 11-e000er, Pavilion 11-e001se, Pavilion 11-e060sia, Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e010AU, Pavilion 11-e000sb, Pavilion 11-e001sa, Pavilion 11-e030ef, Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e011AU, Pavilion 11-e005au, Pavilion 11-e030sa, Pavilion 11-e001au, Pavilion 11-e020au, Pavilion 11-e010au, Pavilion 11-e011au, Pavilion 11-e030ea, Pavilion 11-e010ea, Pavilion 11-e100eb, Pavilion 11-e040ca, Pavilion Touchsmart 11-e110nr, Pavilion 11-e015nr, Pavilion Touchsmart 11-e015nr, Pavilion 11-e100, Pavilion 11-e000ed, Pavilion 11-e011nr, Pavilion 11-e015dx, Pavilion Touchsmart 11-E010nr, Pavilion 11-e010nr, Pavilion 11-e000

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