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Price in reward points: 696000
Battery Rating: 7.7V
Battery Capacity: 6962mAh (53.61Wh)
Battery Cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
921408-271, 921408-2C1, 921438-855, AB06053XL, AB06XL, HSTNN-DB8C, TPN-I128, TPNI128
Compatible Laptop Models:
Hp Envy 13-AD142TU, Envy 13-AD013NF, Envy 13-AD181NO, Envy 13-AD102NN, Envy 13-AD024UR, ENVY 13-AD026TU, Envy 13-AD102NB, Envy 13-ad101ns, Envy 13-AD055TU, Envy 13-AD002NC, Envy 13-AD075TU, Envy 13-AD104NW, Envy 13-AD005NX, Envy 13-AD007NS, Envy 13-AD113NF, Envy 13-AD123TU, Envy 13-AD011NA, Envy 13-AD135TU, Envy 13-AD012NO, Envy 13-AD160TU, Envy 13-AD016NF, Envy 13-AD103NW, Envy 13-AD034UR, 2EX78PA, Envy 13-AD052TU, Envy 13-AD001NE, Envy 13-AD066TU, Envy 13-AD003NF, Envy 13-AD098NIA, Envy 13-AD004TU, Envy 13-AD106NE, Envy 13-AD006NS, Envy 13-AD109TU, Envy 13-AD008NP, Envy 13-AD116UR, Envy 13-ad010ng, Envy 13-AD144TU, Envy 13-AD013NO, Envy 13-AD192ND, Envy 13-AD102NF, Envy 13-ad030ng, ENVY 13-AD028TU, Envy 13-AD044NZ, Envy 13-ad112nd, Envy 13-AD057NR, Envy 13-AD002NF, Envy 13-AD078TU, Envy 13-ad004ng, Envy 13-AD104TU, Envy 13-AD005UR, Envy 13-AD107TU, Envy 13-AD007NV, Envy 13-AD113TU, Envy 13-AD009NV, Envy 13-AD131ND, Envy 13-AD011NN, Envy 13-AD138TU, Envy 13-AD012TU, Envy 13-AD154NZ, Envy 13-AD102NC, Envy 13-AD023NF, Envy 13-ad065nr, Envy 13-AD036UR, 2EX87PA, Envy 13-AD053TX, Envy 13-AD001NK, Envy 13-AD068TU, Envy 13-AD003NI, Envy 13-AD099NIA, Envy 13-AD004UR, Envy 13-AD106NIA, Envy 13-AD006UR, Envy 13-AD110NF, Envy 13-AD008NW, Envy 13-AD119TU, Envy 13-AD010NR, Envy 13-AD011UR, Envy 13-AD149NZ, Envy 13-AD013TU, ENVY 13-ad003la, Envy 13-AD019NF, Envy 13-AD031ND, 2EX85PA, Envy 13-AD046TU, ENVY 13-ad060na, Envy 13-AD058TU, Envy 13-AD002NK, Envy 13-AD080NG, Envy 13-AD004NN, Envy 13-AD105NN, Envy 13-AD108NS, Envy 13-AD007TX, Envy 13-AD114ND, Envy 13-AD100NE, Envy 13-AD127TU, Envy 13-ad140ng, Envy 13-AD101NP, Envy 13-AD174TU, Envy 13-AD102NX, Envy 13-AD023UR, ENVY 13-AD019TU, Envy 13-AD037UR, Envy 13-ad106ns, Envy 13-AD054TU, Envy 13-AD001NX, Envy 13-AD070TU, Envy 13-AD003NO, Envy 13-AD104NC, Envy 13-AD005NN, Envy 13-AD106NN, Envy 13-AD007NF, Envy 13-AD111TU, Envy 13-AD100ND, Envy 13-AD120TU, Envy 13-AD010NV, Envy 13-AD012NC, Envy 13-AD156TU, Envy 13-AD014NF, Envy 13-AD020TU, Envy 13-AD032TU, 2EX79PA, Envy 13-AD050NZ, Envy 13-AD060TU, Envy 13-AD002NX, Envy 13-AD081ND, Envy 13-AD004NS, Envy 13-AD105NX, Envy 13-AD006NN, Envy 13-AD109NF, Envy 13-AD008NB, Envy 13-AD114TU, Envy 13-AD100NS, Envy 13-AD132ND, Envy 13-AD101NE, Envy 13-AD181ND, Envy 13-AD102NS, Envy 13-AD024NF, ENVY 13-AD022TU, Envy 13-AD040TU, ENVY 13-ad107ns, Envy 13-AD055NR, Envy 13-AD002NA, Envy 13-AD074TU, Envy 13-AD003TU, Envy 13-AD104NN, Envy 13-AD005NS, Envy 13-AD106NW, Envy 13-AD007NO, Envy 13-AD112UR, Envy 13-AD009NF, Envy 13-AD122TU, Envy 13-AD010UR, Envy 13-AD133TU, Envy 13-AD012NF, Envy 13-AD159TU, Envy 13-AD016NC, Envy 13-AD021TU, Envy 13-AD033UR, 2EX80PA, Envy 13-AD051TU, Envy 13-AD000UR, Envy 13-AD063TU, Envy 13-AD003NE, Envy 13-AD098NB, Envy 13-AD004NX, Envy 13-ad105ng, Envy 13-AD006NP, Envy 13-AD109NW, Envy 13-AD008NO, Envy 13-AD116TU, Envy 13-AD010ND, Envy 13-AD143TU, Envy 13-AD101NC, Envy 13-AD192MS, Envy 13-AD102NL, Envy 13-AD029TU, ENVY 13-AD027TU, Envy 13-AD042TU, Envy 13-ad110ns, Envy 13-AD056NR, Envy 13-AD002NE, Envy 13-AD076TU, Envy 13-AD004NF, Envy 13-AD104NX, Envy 13-AD005TX, Envy 13-AD107NW, Envy 13-AD007NT, Envy 13-AD113NS, Envy 13-ad009ns, Envy 13-AD125TU, Envy 13-AD011NF, Envy 13-AD136TU, Envy 13-AD012NS, Envy 13-AD163TU, Envy 13-AD016TU, Envy 13-AD103NO, Envy 13 2017, Envy 13-AD036TU, 2EX86PA, Envy 13-AD053TU, Envy 13-AD001NIA, Envy 13-AD067TU, Envy 13-ad003ng, Envy 13-AD098NP, Envy 13-AD004TX, Envy 13-AD106NF, Envy 13-AD006NW, Envy 13-AD110CA, Envy 13-AD008NS, Envy 13-AD117TU, Envy 13-AD010NO, Envy 13-AD145TU, Envy 13-AD013NS, ENVY 13-ad007la, Envy 13-AD019NC, Envy 13-AD030UR, ENVY 13-AD025TU, Envy 13-AD046NZ, Envy 13-ad038tu, Envy 13-AD057TU, Envy 13-ad002ng, Envy 13-AD079TU, Envy 13-AD004NJ, Envy 13-AD105NL, Envy 13-AD006NF, Envy 13-AD108NI, Envy 13-AD007NX, Envy 13-AD113UR, Envy 13-AD100NI, Envy 13-AD126TU, Envy 13-AD011NS, Envy 13-AD139TU, Envy 13-AD101NT, Envy 13-AD173TU, Envy 13-AD017NF, Envy 13-AD103NC, Envy 13-AD100NK, Envy 13-AD054NZ, Envy 13-AD001NO, Envy 13-AD069TU, Envy 13-AD003NK, Envy 13-AD104NB, Envy 13-AD005NF, Envy 13-AD106NJ, Envy 13-AD007NB, Envy 13-AD110UR, Envy 13-AD100CA, Envy 13-AD120NR, Envy 13-AD010NS, Envy 13-AD101NX, Envy 13-AD155TU, Envy 13-AD100NX, ENVY 13-AD007TU, Envy 13-AD020NF, Envy 13-AD031TU, 2EX88PA, Envy 13-AD047TU, Envy 13-AD059NA, Envy 13-AD002NW, Envy 13-ad080nz, Envy 13-AD004NO, Envy 13-AD105NS, Envy 13-AD006NL

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