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Battery Rating: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 3800mAh (43Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Dell 00PD19, 01v2f6, 01WWHW, 0DFVYN, 0PD19, 1V2F6, 1WWHW, 451-BBJY, 451-BBLX, 58DP4, 5MD4V, 86JK8, 9HRXJ, DFVYN, DL011307-PRR13G01, DWFYM, OPD19, P38F, P38F001, P39F, P39F-002, P39F001, P49G, P49G-001, P49G002, R77WV, TRHFF
Compatible Laptop Models:
Dell INS15MD-4528L, INS15MD-1528L, INS14MD-3628S, Vostro 14-5480D-1308R, M5455D-1628B, INS15MD-1328L, INS14MD-4648S, INS14MD-1328R, INSPIRON INS14LD-1308B, INS15-5565-D2225L, INS15MD-4648S, INS15MD-3628L, INS14MD-1628T, Vostro 14-5480D-3328R, M5455D-2628S, INS15MD-1828T, INS14MD-4648R, Vostro 14-5480D-2528T, INSPIRON INS14LD-2528B, Latitude 3550-0123, INS15MD-4648L, INS15MD-2628L, INS14MD-1528S, Vostro 14-5480D, INS15-5565-D1225A, INS15MD-3728S, INS14MD-1628R, Vostro 14-5480D-3528S, M5455D-2828S, INS15MD-4748S, INS14MD-4528S, INS14MD-3728S, INSPIRON INS15LD-1328B, INS15-5565-D1945L, INS15MD-4528S, INS15MD-1528S, INS14MD-1628S, Vostro 14-5480D-1728R, M5455D-2828R, INS15MD-1328S, INS14MD-4528R, INS14MD-1328S, INSPIRON INS15LD-1528B, INS15-5565-D2225A, INS15MD-4629S, INS15MD-2628S, INS14MD-3628R, Vostro 14-5480D-3328S, M5455D-1628S, INS15MD-3828T, INS14MD-6648R, Vostro 14-5480D-3528R, INSPIRON INS14LD-1328B, INS15MD-6648S, INS15MD-3628S, INS14MD-3628T, Vostro 14-5480D-1308S, M5455D-2628R, INS15MD-1728S, INS14MD-4748S, Vostro 14-5480D-2628T, INSPIRON INS14LD-1528B, INS15MD-6648L, INS15MD-4328S, INS14MD-4328S, INSPIRON INS15LD-1308B, INS15-5565-D1945A, INS15MD-3728L, INS14MD-1528R, Vostro 14-5480D-1728S, M5455D-1828S, INS15MD-4748T, INS14MD-6648S, INS14MD-2728S, INSPIRON INS15LD-4528B, INS15-5565-D2945A, Inspiron 14-5448, Inspiron 5542, Inspiron 5442, Inspiron I5-5547, Inspiron N5547, Inspiron I4-5447, Latitude 14 3450, Inspiron 5543, Latitude 15 3550, Inspiron 5443, Inspiron N5447, Latitude 3450, Inspiron 15-5548, Inspiron 15-5545, Latitude 3550, Inspiron 15 5565, Inspiron 5448, Inspiron 5548, Inspiron 5445, Inspiron 5545, Inspiron 15 5000, Inspiron 14-5447, Inspiron 15-5547, Inspiron 15 5547, Inspiron 5447, Inspiron 5547

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