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Price in reward points: 900000
Battery Rating: 15.4V
Battery Capacity: 4790mAh (73Wh)
Battery Cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 0B200-02520000, C42N1630, C42PHCH
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN082R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO165T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN120T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO031T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn016T, ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BO098RB, UX550VE-1A, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN084R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3109T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO149R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E2064T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO701T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN247T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO101R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn114T, ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BN022R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO098R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN045T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3156T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn016R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3061T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-DB71T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN007R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN246T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO104T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn109R, ZenBook ProUX550VD-BN011T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN078R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO039T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN157T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3248T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn070T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3130T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN014R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E2147T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO099T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn148R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN081T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO005R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN152T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-XH71, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn013T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3159T, UX550VD-1B, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN094T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3153T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO030T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn142T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN082T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO116T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN169R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO006T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn022T, ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BN067T, UX550VE-1B, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN009T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3208T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn014T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3079T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BN050T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN068T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN205T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO060T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn105R, ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BN008R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO098T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN032T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3244T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn007R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3094T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN020T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E2115T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO150R, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn121T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN081R, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO023T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN102T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3180T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn020T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3081T, UX550VD-1A, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN010T, Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E2167T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO026T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn106T, ZenBook Pro UX550VE, UX550VE, ZenBook Pro UX550, UX550VD, Zenbook Pro UX550VD, UX550

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