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Price in reward points: 1128000
Battery Rating: 7.7V
Battery Capacity: 5070mAh (39Wh)
Battery Cells: 2-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 0B200-02640000, C21N1701, C21PQC5
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV021T, S406UA-BM231T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-GS8202T, V406UA7100, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM223T, S406UA-BM145T, S406UA-BM033R, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM028T, S406UA-BV260T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV260T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV027T, S406UA-BM290T, S406UA-BM013T, VivoBook S14 S406UA REVIEW, K406UA-BM230T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-GS7001T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV023T, S406UA-BM146T, S406UA-BM029T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM208T, S406UA-BV357T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM216T, X406UA, S406UA-BM240T, S406UA-BM248T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM165T, K406UA-BM141T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM204T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM013T, S406UA-BM151, X406UA-1B, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM865T, S406UA-BV121T, VivoBookS14 S406UA-BM290T, S406UA-0043C8250U, S406UA-BM031T, S406UA-BV023T, S406UA-0051B8250U, K406UA-BM219T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM019T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM248T, S406UA-BM007T, X406UA-BM013T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV041T, V406UA, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM213T, S406UA-BM191T, S406UA-BM256, S406UA-BV027T, S406UA-BV070T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV181T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV026T, S406UA-BM228T, S406UA-BM012T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-GS8503T, K406UA, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM191T, S406UA-BM421, S406UA-BM225R, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM159T, S406UA-BV175T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BV121T, X406, S406UA-BM216T, S406UA-BM174T, VivoBook S14 S406 REVIEW, K406UA-BM142T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM258T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM012T, S406UA-BM148T, S406UA-BM204T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM360T, S406UA-BV300T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM033T, S406UA-GS8202T, S406UA-BM258T, S406UA-BV021T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM299T, K406UA-BM229T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-0373C4405U, VivoBook S14 S406UA-BM174T, S406UA-BM169T, X406UA-3C, VivoBook X406UA, S406UA-GS8505T, VivoBookS14 S406UA-BM204T, S406UA-BM165T, S406UA-BM356T, S406UA-BV026T, S406UA-BV414T, VivoBook S14 S406UA-GS8505T, S406UA, VivoBook S14 S406UA

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