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Battery Rating: 11.55V
Battery Capacity: 3727mAh (42Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
0B200-02540000, 0B200-02540300, B31N1632
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus R418UA, S405UA-EB895T, S405UA-BV835T, X405UA-3B, Vivobook 14 X405UA-BM519T, X405UA-BV361T, X405UA-BV864T, X405UA-BM395, X405UQ-BM191T, X405UA-BV505T, F405UA-EB861T, P1400UA-BV752R, R418UA-BV59T, S405UA-BM185T, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BV941T, X405UR-1B, Vivobook 14 X405UR-BV028T, X405UA-BV621T, X405UA-BM398, X405UQ-BV248T, X405UR-BM032, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BV587T, R418UA-BV773T, S405UA-EB906T, S405UA-BM525T, X405UA-3G, Vivobook 14 X405UA-BV505T, X405UA-BV434, X405UA-BV516T, X405UA-EB585T, X405UQ-BM186, X405UQ-BV047T, F405UA-BM171T, P1400UA-FA196R, R418UA-BM354T, S405UA-BV619T, X405UR-3B, X405UA-BV027T, X405UA-BV638T, X405UA-BM003T, X405UQ-BM180, X405UR-BM109, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BM484T, F405UR, R418UA-BM350T, S405UA-BM301T, S405UQ, X405UQ-1B, VivoBook 14 X405UQ-BM179T, X405UA-BV013T, X405UA-BM210, X405UA-EB713T, X405UQ-BM235T, X405UR-BV027T, P1400UA-BV739R, S405UR-BV048T, S405UA-BM187T, X405UA-1A, X405UR-3G, X405UA-BV207T, X405UA-BV727T, X405UA-BM508T, X405UQ-BM192T, X405UA-BM337T, X405UR-1A, K418UA-BV704T, R418UQ, S405UA-BM188T, S405UR-BV123T, X405UQ-3B, VivoBook 14 X405UQ-BV240T, X405UA-BV545T, X405UA-BM253, X405UA-EB715T, X405UQ-BM048T, VivoBook 14 A405UA, P1400UR, S405UA-BV472T, S405UA-BV512T, X405UA-1C, Vivobook 14 X405UA-BM337T, X405UA-BV327T, X405UA-BV724T, X405UA-BM731T, X405UQ-BM086T, X405UA-BV285T, F405UA-BV862T, P1400UA-EB842R, R418UA-BM451T, S405UA-BM348T, S405UR-BM036T, X405UQ-3G, Vivobook 14 X405UR-BV027T, X405UA-BV511T, X405UA-BM275T, X405UQ-BV247T, X405UR-BM029, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BV566T, R418UA-BV677T, S405UA-BV503T, S405UA-BV706T, X405UA-3F, Vivobook 14 X405UA-BV285T, X405UA-BV391T, X405UA-BV924T, X405UA-EB557T, X405UQ-BM181, X405UQ-BM179T, F405UA-BM462T, P1400UA-BV933R, R418UA-BV448T, S405UA-EB544T, X405UR-1C, X405UA-BV014T, X405UA-BV613T, X405UA-BM396, X405UQ-BV335R, X405UR-BM031, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BM172T, R418UA-EB778T, S405UA-BM189T, S405UA-BV502T, X405UQ-1A, X405UA-BV495T, X405UA-BM249, X405UA-EB760T, X405UQ-BM236T, X405UQ-BV240T, F405UQ, P1400UA-BV740R, R418UQ-BM281T, S405UA-EB894T, X405UR-3F, X405UA-BV170T, X405UA-BV697T, X405UA-BM279, X405UQ-BM190T, X405UR-BV044T, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BM256T, K418UA, R418UA-BM353T, S405UA-EB654T, S405UR, X405UQ-1C, VivoBook 14 X405UQ-BV047T, X405UA-BV070T, X405UA-BM248, X405UA-EB785T, X405UQ-BM259T, X405UR-BV028T, P1400UQ, S405UA, S405UA-BV774T, X405UA-1B, X405UA-BV087T, X405UA-BV721, X405UA-BM622T, X405UQ-BM177, X405UA-BM519T, F405UA, P1400UA, R418UR, S405UA-EB580T, S405UR-BV034T, X405UQ-3F, X405UA-BV513T, X405UA-BM397, X405UQ-BV162T, X405UR-BM030, VivoBook 14 A405UA-BM063T, X405UQ, VivoBook 14 X405UQ, X405UR, Vivobook 14 X405UR, X405UA, Vivobook 14 X405UA

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