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Battery Rating: 7.6V
Battery Capacity: 4110mAh (32Wh)
Battery Cells: 2-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 0B200-01430600, 0B200-01430700, 0B200-01430800, B21N1506
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus E502NA-DM014T, E502NA-GO035, E502SA-XO141T, E502SA-XX024D, EeeBook E502MA-XX0024T, EeeBook E502MA-2A, L502SA-XX132D, E502NA-DM005, E502SA-XO004T, E502SA-XX070D, E502SA-2A, EeeBook E502SA-XO017T, E502NA-DM018T, E502NA-GO036, E502SA-XO124D, E502SA-DM051T, EeeBook E502MA-XX0002D, EeeBook L502MA-XX0014D, L502SA-XX131T, E502NA-2C, E502SA-XO014T, E502SA-XX024T, L502MA-XX0031T, EeeBook E502SA-XO141D, L502SA-XX008D, E502NA-DM017, E502NA-GO068, E502SA-XO040T, E502SA-DM110, EeeBook E502MA-XX0009H, EeeBook L502MA-XX0032T, EeeBook E502SA, E502NA-GO001T, E502SA-XO041T, E502SA-XX183T, E502NA-DM047T, EeeBook E502MA-XX0002H, L502SA-XX129D, E502NA-DM002T, E502NA-GO047T, E502SA-XO135T, E502SA-2C, EeeBook E502MA-XX0030D, EeeBook L502MA-XX0036H, E502NA-DM001T, E502NA-GO022T, E502SA-XO143T, E502SA-XX015, EeeBook E502MA-XX0016H, EeeBook E502MA-XX0049T, L502SA-XX009T, E502NA-DM006, E502NA-GO108T, E502SA-XO005D, E502NA-2A, EeeBook E502MA-XX0082T, EeeBook L502MA-XX0036D, E502NA-DM013T, E502NA-GO010T, E502SA-XO124T, E502SA-DM049T, EeeBook E502MA-XX0026T, EeeBook E502MA-2B, L502SA-XX011D, EeeBook E502S, E502NA-DM029T, E502SA-XO043T, E502SA-XX016T, EeeBook E502SA-DM060T, L502SA-DM059T, E502NA-DM019, E502NA-GO067, E502SA-XO123T, E502SA-DM065, EeeBook E502MA-XX0009D, EeeBook L502MA-XX0015D, VivoBook E502NA, E502NA-2B, E502SA-XO013T, E502SA-XX017T, E502NA-DM017T, EeeBook E502SA-XO151T, L502SA-XX007D, E502NA-DM016, E502NA-GO109, E502SA-XO144T, E502SA-DM136T, EeeBook E502MA-XX0026D, EeeBook L502MA-XX0033D, E502NA-GO021, E502SA-XO002T, E502SA-XX219T, E502NA-GO113T, EeeBook E502MA-XX0030H, L502SA-XX133D, E502NA-DM003, E502NA-GO048T, E502SA-XO023D, E502SA-2B, EeeBook E502MA-XX0065B, EeeBook L502MA-XX0003T, L502SA, L502MA, EeeBook E502M, EeeBook E502MA

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