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Price in reward points: 511200
Battery Rating: 14.4V
Battery Capacity: 3200mAh (48Wh)
Battery Cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 0B110-00350000, 0B110-00350100, 0B110-00350200, 0B110-00350300, 0B110-00350400, 0B110-00350500E, A411424, A41LK5H, A41N1424
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus ROG GL552VX-DM087T, ROG GL552VX-CN055T, ROG ZX50JX4720, ROG GL552VX-XO104T, ROG G552VW-DM272T, ROG GL552JX-DM088H, ROG GL552JX-XO083H, ROG GL552VW-DM201T, ROG GL552VL-CN044D, ROG GL552VW-DM797T, G552VW-DM814T, ROG GL552VW-CN104T, ROG GL552VW-DM156T, ROG GL552VW-CN430T, ROG GL552VW-CN875T, ROG GL552VW-CN923D, ROG GL552VX-DM229D, ROG GL552VX-DM390T, ROG GL552VX-CN059D, ROG GL552VW-DM881T, ROG GL552JX-DM291D, ROG GL552JX-CN156H, ROG GL552VW-DM195T, FZ50VL, ROG GL552VW-DM464T, G552JX-XO093D, ROG GL552VW-DM880D, ROG G552VW-DM267T, ROG GL552VW-CN320T, ROG GL552VW-CN602T, ROG GL552VW-CN174D, ROG GL552VX-DM070D, ROG GL552VX-DM119T, ROG GL552VX-CN146T, ROG ZX50JX4200, ROG GL552JX-DM285T, ROG GL552JX-DM144H, ROG GL552JX-XO139D, ROG GL552VW-DM225T, ROG GL552VL-CN028T, ROG GL552VW-DM748T, G552VW-CN795D, ROG GL552VW-CN158T, ROG GL552VW-CN458T, ROG GL552VW-CN426T, ROG GL552VW-CN897T, ROG GL552VX-DM310D, ROG GL552VX-DM493T, ROG GL552VX-CN062D, ROG GL552JX-DM356D, ROG GL552JX-CN228D, ROG GL552VW-DM198T, FZ50VX-WS74, ROG GL552VW-DM686T, ROG G552JX-DM014H, ROG GL552VW-DM762D, G552VX-DM088T, ROG GL552VW-CN388T, ROG GL552VW-CN625T, ROG GL552VW-CN461D, ROG GL552VX-DM143D, ROG GL552VX-DM272T, ROG GL552VX-CN239T, ROG GL552JX-DM390T, ROG GL552JX-DM264H, FX71PRO6700, ROG GL552JX-XO345T, ROG GL552VW-DM349T, ROG GL552VL-0023B6700HQ, ROG GL552VW-DM806T, G552VW-CN452T, ROG GL552VW-CN214T, ROG GL552VW-Q72BS, ROG GL552VW-CN481T, ROG GL552VW-CN947T, ROG GL552VX-DM336D, ROG GL552VX-DM401T, ROG GL552VX-XO081D, ROG GL552VW-DM141, ROG GL552JX-DM085H, ROG GL552VW-DM150T, FZ50VX-76A95SB1, ROG GL552VW-DM675T, ROG G552VL-CN003T, ROG GL552VW-CN157T, ROG G552VX-DM177T, ROG GL552VW-CN387T, ROG GL552VW-CN704T, ROG GL552VW-CN516D, ROG GL552VX-DM183D, ROG GL552VX-DM270T, ROG GL552VX-CN267T, ROG GL552JX-DM087D, ROG GL552JX-CN182H, ROG GL552VW-DM010D, FZ50VW, ROG GL552VW-DM351T, ROG STRIX FZ50VW, ROG GL552VW-DM890T, G552VW-DM344T, ROG GL552VW-CN274T, ROG GL552VX-DM216T, ROG GL552VW-CN446T, ROG GL552VW-CN090D, ROG GL552VX-DM076T, ROG GL552VX-DM482, ROG GL552VX-XO104D, ROG GL552VW-DM141T, ROG GL552JX-DM072H, ROG GL552JX-XO093D, ROG GL552VW-DM149T, ROG GL552VL, ROG GL552VW-DM777T, G552VW-DM269T, ROG GL552VW-CN134T, ROG GL552JX-DM109D, ROG GL552VW-CN353T, ROG GL552VW-CN893T, ROG GL552VW-CN565D, ROG GL552VX-DM294D, ROG GL552VX-DM335T, ROG GL552VX-CN312T, ROG GL552VW-DM149, ROG GL552JX-DM188D, ROG GL552JX-CN154H, ROG GL552VW-DM002T, FZ50VW-56C96PB1, ROG GL552VW-DM490T, G552JX, ROG GL552VW-DM732D, ROG G552VW-DM475T, ROG GL552VW-CN286T, ROG GL552VW-CN618T, ROG GL552VW-CN091D, ROG GL552VX-DM044T, ROG GL552VX-CN036T, ROG GL552JX-DM269T, ROG GL552VW-DM210T, ROG GL552JX-DM174H, ROG GL552JX-XO083D, ROG GL552VW-DM205T, ROG GL552VL-CN046D, ROG GL552VW-DM775T, G552VW-CN288D, ROG GL552VW-CN114T, ROG GL552VW-CN457T, ROG GL552VW-CN471T, ROG GL552VW-CN896T, ROG GL552VW-CN926D, ROG GL552VX-DM212D, ROG GL552VX-DM365T, ROG GL552VX-CN060D, ROG GL552JX-DM292D, ROG GL552JX-CN029D, ROG GL552VW-DM132T, FZ50VX, ROG GL552VW-DM463T, ROG G552JX-DM174H, ROG GL552VW-DM949D, G552VX-CN109T, ROG GL552VW-CN335T, ROG GL552VW-CN624T, ROG GL552VW-CN211D, ROG GL552VX-DM018D, ROG GL552VX-DM261T, ZX50VW6300, ROG GL552VX-CN117T, ROG GL552JX-DM343T, ROG GL552JX-DM165H, FX71PRO, ROG GL552JX-XO305D, ROG GL552VW-DM212T, ROG GL552VL-DM023T, ROG GL552VW-DM862T, G552VW-DM270T, ROG GL552VW-CN164T, ROG GL552VW-FI485, ROG GL552VW-CN470T, ROG GL552VW-CN926T, ROG GL552VX-DM356D, ROG GL552VX-DM406T, FX-Plus4200, ROG GL552VX-CN198D, ROG GL552VW-DM594T, ROG GL552JX-DM033H, ROG GL552JX-CN369D, ROG GL552VW-DM151T, FZ50VX-76B95CS2, ROG GL552VW-DM643T, G552VL, ROG GL552VW-IH78, ROG G552VX-DM283T, ROG GL552VW-CN354T, ROG GL552VW-CN793T, ROG GL552VW-CN515D, ROG GL552VX-DM151D, ROG GL552VX-DM248T, ROG GL552VX-CN246T, ROG GL552JX-DM019D, ROG GL552JX-CN009H, ROG GL552VW-DM337T, FX552JX, ROG GL552VW-DM812T, G552VW-DM345T, ROG GL552VW-CN273T, ROG GL552VX-DM293T, ROG GL552VW-CN480T, ROG GL552VW-CN951T, ROG GL552VX-DM447D, ROG GL552VX-DM448T, FX-PLUS4720, ROG GL552VX-XO103T, ROG GL552JX-CN090D, ROG GL552JX-DM079H, ROG GL552JX-CN335T, ROG GL552VW-DM197T, FZ50VX-56A95CB1, ROG GL552VW-DM789T, G552VW-CN287D, ROG GL552VW-CN108T, ROG G552VX-DM276T, ROG GL552VW-CN313T, ROG GL552VW-CN739T, ROG GL552VW-CN601D, ROG GL552VX-DM262D, ROG GL552VX-DM363T, ZX50VW6700, ROG GL552VX-CN368T, ROG GL552VW-DM142T, ROG GL552JX-DM144D, ROG GL552JX-CN155H

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