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Battery Rating: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 3360mAh (36Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 0B110-00550100, A31N1730
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus F560UD-AX8203T, X560UD-EJ386, X560UD-BQ376, X560UD-BQ373T, VivoBook 15 K560UD, X560UD-BQ011T, X560UD-BQ376T, R562UD, X560UD-EJ390, X560UD-BQ372, X560UD-EJ180, X560UD-EJ272T, X560UD-BQ148T, X560UD-EJ153T, R562UD-EJ155, X560UD-BQ015, X560UD-1B, X560UD-EJ173, X560UD-EJ425, X560UD-BQ110, X560UD-EJ443, K560UD, X560UD-BQ016, X560UD-0101B8550U, F560UD, X560UD-EJ254, X560UD-BQ201T, X560UD-0271B8550U, VivoBook 15 X560UD, X560UD-BQ017, X560UD-0211B8550U, F560UD-BQ237T, X560UD-EJ369T, X560UD-BQ407T, X560UD-EJ153, X560UD, X560UD-BQ157, X560UD-BQ485, R562UD-EJ168T, X560UD-EJ388, X560UD-BQ221R, X560UD-EJ182T, X560UD-EJ387, X560UD-BQ161, X560UD-EJ432, A560UD, X560UD-BQ014, X560UD-0091B8250U, X560UD-EJ188, X560UD-BQ167T, X560UD-0311B8550U, K560UD-BQ183T, X560UD-BQ009T, X560UD-0301B8250U, F560

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