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Price in reward points: 480000
Battery Rating: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh (47Wh)
Battery Cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Asus 07G016CS1875, 07G016CT1875, 07G016CU1875, 07G016CX1875, 07G016ER1875, 07G016ES1875, 07G016FK1875, 07G016FL1875, 07G016G51875, 07G016G61875, 07G016G81875, 07G016GL1875, 07G016GY1875, 70-NXS1B3000Z, 70-NXS1B3100Z, 70-NXS1B3200Z, 90-NXM1B2000Y, 90-NYX1B2000Y, A31-K52, A32-K52, A41-K52, A42-K52, B53F, B53J
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus X42EI37Jc-SL, X42EI38JE-SL, X42EI45Jb-SL, K42, X42EI46Jc-SL, K52JB-SX153X, X42EI46JY-SL, x52f-ex473v, X42EI60Jb-SL, X42EP60Je-SL, X42N, X42EP61JZ-SL, X42E35Jr-SL, X42EV12DE-SL, A42JB, X42EI33Jb-SL, K42EI45JC-SL, X42EI35JE-SL, X42EI37Je-SL, A40E, X42EI38JZ-SL, X42EI45Je-SL, K52D, X42EI46Je-SL, A52N-EXN830, A52D, X42EI48JY-SL, X52JU-SX247V, X42EP52DE-SL, X42EP61Jb-SL, X42E33Jb-SL, X42EP62JY-SL, X42E37Jr-SL, X42EV14DE-SL, X42EI33Je-SL, X42EI35JZ-SL, X42EI37JZ-SL, X42EI43JZ-SL, X42DR, X42EI45JZ-SL, x52jc-sx040v, A42JR-vx065v, X42EI46JV-SL, X52J-SX480V, A52JA, X42JE, X42EI48JZ-SL, K52JU-SX105V, X42EP60Jb-SL, X42EP61JE-SL, X42E35Jb-SL, X42EP62JZ-SL, X42E45Jc-SL, X42EV14N-SL, X52BY, X42EI35JC-SL, A52BY, A42JZ, X42DY, A42DY, X42DQ, X42JC, X42JY, K42DY, A42JP, A42JY, X42JZ, X42JA, A42DR, X42JP, X42 SERIES, A52JE, K42JP, A52DR, B53S, K42JZ, A52JV, A52JU, K42JY, K52f-sx065x, X52JU, A52DY, X52DY, X52JV, A52DE, X52SG, K52f-sx074v, A52N, K42JR-VX047X, X52JG, A52JT, K52JV, K52jr-x4, K52jr-a1, X42JV, K52jr-x2, X52JT, K52jr-x5, K42JE, A42JK, K42F-A2B, X52 Series, K52JU, A42JE, X42JK, A42DE, A42DQ, A42JA, K42DE, X42JB, A42JV, A42JC, P42F, K42DQ, K42DR, X52JC, X42DE, A52JC, X52JB, A42F, X52DR, K42 Series, K42JA, K52DY, K42N, X52JE, X42F, K52F-SX060D, A42JR, K52f-sx051v, X52JK, X52JR, N82JV, A52 Series, A52JR-X1, X52DE, X42JR, K52f-a1, P52JC, P52F, N82E, K52DE, A40J, K52JT, K42JC, K52 Series, N82JQ, K42JV, X52N, N82J, K52N, A52JB, A52JK, A52JR, X52F, K52JB, K52JK, K42JR, K42JK, A42N, K52JC, K42JB, K52JE, A52J, A52F, K52Jr, K42F, A42 SERIES, N82, X52, K52F, B53E, A52, K52

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