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Battery Rating: 7.3V
Battery Capacity: 4680mAh (35Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Apple 020-7376-A, 020-7377-A, 020-8082-A, 020-8084-01, 020-8084-A, 020-8142-A, A1406, A1495
Compatible Laptop Models:
Apple Macbook Air 11.6-inch MC965, MacBook Air(MJVP2CH/A), MacBook Air(MD712ZP/A), Macbook Air 11.6-inch MC965LL/A, MacBook Air(MD760ZP/A), MacBook Air(MD711ZP/A), Macbook Air 11.6-inch MC969LL/A, MacBook Air(MD761CH/A), MacBook Air(MD711CH/B), MacBook Air(MJVE2CH/A), MacBook Air(MD761CH/B), Macbook Air 11.6-inch A1370, MacBook Air(MJVM2CH/A), MacBook Air (MD711CH/B), Macbook Air 11.6-inch MC506LL/A, MacBook Air(MD760CH/A), MacBook Air(MD712CH/A), Macbook Air 11.6-inch MC968LL/A, MacBook Air(MD761ZP/A), MacBook Air(MD712CH/B), Macbook Air 11.6-inch BH302LL/A, MacBook Air(MD760CH/B), Macbook Air 11.6-inch 2011, MacBook Air(MD711CH/A), MacBook Air(MJVG2CH/A), A1465, A1370

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