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Battery Rating: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 5600mAh (62Wh)
Battery Cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Acer 934T2053F, AK.006BT.069, BT.00603.105, BT.00607.114, LC32SD128, UM09F36, UM09F70
Compatible Laptop Models:
Acer Aspire 1425P Series, 1820PTZ-414G32n, EasyNote Butterfly Touch EV-010UK, Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ-414G32N, 1820PT-733G16n, Easynote Butterfly Touch-EU-105GE, 1425P-233G32i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch-EV-006BE, 1820PT-732G25n, 1825PTZ-413G16n, 1425P-232G25n, 1825PT-733G32i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch R-EV-015UK, 1420P-232G25i, 1825PTZ-414G50n, AS1825PTZ-413G32n, Aspire TimeLine 1825 Series, Aspire 1820PT Series, 1825PT-734G16i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch EU-046, 1420P-2686, 1820PTZ-413G32n, 1825PTZ-412G25I, Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ-734G32N, 1820PT-734G50n, 1825PT-733G50i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch-EV-060IT, 1425P-232G25i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch R-EV-010UK, Aspire TimeLine 1825PTZ-413G32n, 1820PT-734G32i, Butterfly Touch-EV-001BE DC SU2300 409, 1425P-233G32n, 1825PT-734G32n, EasyNote Butterfly Touch-EV-006UK, 1420P-232G25n, 1820PT-734G25n, 1825PTZ-412G25n, 1425P-232G25nkk, 1825PT-734G50i, EasyNote Butterfly Touch-EU-351NL, 1420P-233G25n, 1825PTZ-413G50N, Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ-413g25n, 1820PT-734G32n, 1825PT-734G50n, EasyNote Butterfly Touch EV-017FR, Aspire 1825PTZ Series, 1825PT-734G32i, AS1820PTZ-734G32N, Aspire 1820PTZ Series, AS1825PTZ-413g25n, 1825PTZ-412G32n, AS1825PTZ-414G32N, AS1420P-232G16n, 1820PTZ-413G16N, AS1825 Series, Aspire 1420P Series, Aspire 1420P Series, AS1825PT, Aspire 1825PT Series, Aspire 1420P-232G16n, Aspire 1825 Series, Aspire 1820PTZ-734G32N, Aspire 1825PTZ-413G32n, Aspire 1825PTZ-414G32N, AS1825PTZ, Aspire 1825PTZ-413g25n, Aspire TimeLine 1825PT, Aspire TimeLine 1825PTZ, Aspire 1825PT, Aspire 1825PTZ

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